services_icon1a1/ Inspiration

Although social business has grown tremendously over the past years, many people have not yet heard about the idea of solving social problems in a financially self-sustainable way. Speeches, lectures, conferences and publications help to further spread the concept of social business and to reach an interested audience all around the world.

Lectures and Speeches at Universities and Conferences

Lectures at universities and schools are a great way to introduce the topic to students. More specifically, single lectures could further be expanded into full courses or entire programs on social business.

(Co-) Authoring of Case Studies and Publications

Publications such as case studies or other reports and articles enable to reach an international audience. Some of these publications will be co-authored with partners from universities and other organizations.

services_icon2a2/ Ideation

Tackling persistent and yet unsolved social problems makes it inevitable to think about new and innovative solutions. Coming together with other individuals to exchange thoughts can lead to groundbreaking new solutions. Workshops are an ideal tool to develop new ideas and solutions together with likeminded people.

Workshops on Ideation 

These one or two day workshops provide an introduction to the concept & best practice examples. Moreover, the aim of such workshops is to develop first social business ideas that address selected social problems.

Workshops on specific topics

These workshops cover more specific themes and focus on topics such as Social Business Strategy, Financing Social Business, Social Impact Measurement, Human Centered Design for Social Business, etc.

services_icon3a3/ Implementation

While great ideas are an important starting point, only the successful implementation of a social business idea will finally and ideally generate social impact. In order to facilitate the implementation of social business ideas, there is a broad range of consulting services for universities, companies, entrepreneurs and foundations.

Business Planning and Financial Planning for Companies 

Consulting services for companies include business planning and financial planning for upcoming and existing social business activities including multi-year plans.

Strategy and Project Management for Companies and Universities

Other specific consulting services for companies include market research for new product launches. Companies and universities can benefit from support with the development of an overall social business strategy.