services_icon1a1/ Inspiration

Although social business has grown tremendously over the past years, many people have not yet heard about the idea of solving social problems in a financially self-sustainable way. Speeches, lectures, conferences and publications help to further spread the concept of social business and to reach an interested audience all around the world.

services_icon2a2/ Ideation

Tackling persistent and yet unsolved social problems makes it inevitable to think about new and innovative solutions. Coming together with other individuals to exchange thoughts can lead to groundbreaking new solutions. Workshops are an ideal tool to develop new ideas and solutions together with likeminded people.

services_icon3a3/ Implementation

While great ideas are an important starting point, only the successful implementation of a social business idea will finally and ideally generate social impact. In order to facilitate the implementation of social business ideas, there is a broad range of consulting services for universities, companies, entrepreneurs and foundations.